Our Partners

Public Goods Teams (PG Teams)

Public Goods Teams are groups of developers, researchers, and visionaries focused on public goods or infrastructure projects. Funded by Network Capital Pools, these teams gain access to vital resources, mentorship, funding distribution, and transparency. Selection is based on potential impact, strategic alignment, and feasibility. PG Teams work with Arcological, NC Funders, and NC Advisors to continually evolve their projects, driving innovation and shaping the future of the decentralized digital world.

Network Capital Funders (NC Funders)

Network Capital (NC) Funders, as primary funding sources for Network Capital Pools (NCP), play a key role in the growth of innovative digital economy projects. They collaborate with Arcological and other stakeholders to create a positive, lasting impact. Funders are categorized as follows:
  • Strategic Funders: These are individuals or organizations that significantly influence strategic direction and pool formation. They actively participate in decision-making processes and contribute to ecosystem development and success. Typically, a specific pool consists of a minimum of $1 million USD in funding.
  • Supportive Funders: With their contributions, these funders, who can be individuals or organizations of any size, play a crucial role in advancing specific pools. Their input, regardless of its size, is highly appreciated by Arcological and the supported projects, as it helps maintain and expand public goods, thereby ensuring the continued success and sustainability of the supported projects.
By recognizing and embracing these distinct roles, we can work collaboratively towards driving innovation and fostering collaboration in the digital economy.